A Monster Escapes

Author: Lewis Wolfe
Title: A Monster Escapes
Release Date: 2019-08-23
Genre: Horror

A demon hellbent on taking souls.
A detective on a mysterious mission.
Who will come out on top?

When a dark force strikes the town of Brettville, Alabama, there is only one woman to call. Jane Elring knows what monsters look like; she stares them down regularly, working as a paranormal investigator for the government. Her sharp eyes find the deepest secrets, and her unique mind comes up with nightmarish plans.

Faced with an ancient evil that only wants to consume, there is no room for debate. What are morals worth when a whole town threatens to fall? Sometimes, it takes a monster to beat one, and Jane Elring has been called much worse.

  • Jane Elring
  • Caleb Epps
Asin: B07WPKY3H1
Language: English